What to Wear to GOTV for Hillary Clinton: Super Tuesday

I'm a bit obsessed with the Hillary Clinton "Rebel Girl" video. I'm even more obsessed with the fact that it didn't come from the campaign. Rather, a couple who think she's cool created it - four months ago - and it's now going viral.

I love me some Hillary. But, I'm kind of meh on the campaign's retail store. So, I got to Googling to see what's the best gear that fans are making and selling. Here are my favorites:

Super Tuesday is upon us. It's go time. Visit Hillary's campaign website and sign up to volunteer in your state. You'll likely be asked to call undecided voters to try to convince them to vote for Hillary, visit neighborhoods and remind them of the election or caucus date, and show up for rallies and events. It's a great way to meet new people, network and find a passionate cause that just might take you to the White House along with her. 

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