Chaia Farm-to-Taco in Georgetown

I've been passing Chaia Tacos at Dupont Circle Farmers Market for months. Not because it doesn't look and smell incredible, it does. But, that line. And, I'm just not really a wait-in-line gal... especially when it's cold.
Three tacos for $10 at Chaia
So, when I heard they had opened shop in Georgetown, I knew I wanted to check it out. I met my long-time friend and fellow food explorer, McCealaig O'Clisham, for lunch at Chaia Georgetown. When I walked in, boom, I was greeted with a line. But, at least this one was inside and moving fast. 
Tacos topped with local ingredients
The restaurant is adorable and tiny, so scoring a table is an art. But, as soon as this winter weather breaks, I would recommend loading up on tacos and heading down the hill to lunch at Georgetown Waterfront Park

I tried one of everything that was on the menu that day. My favorite was a huge surprise to me -- the roasted beet taco. I used to hate beets. But the roasted sweet beets were topped with goat cheese and the pairing was perfect. A close second was the kale and roasted potato taco. The menu changes often as Chaia is almost exclusively sourced from local farms. I can't wait to come back when spring ingredients come in season.

Chaia Farm-to-Taco Menu
My only regret was that I got flustered in the line and forgot to add the fried egg to my tacos. Next time, Chaia... in the spring... 

Chaia Farm-to-Taco is located at 3207 Grace Street NW in Washington, DC. 

BONUS: Want something sweet? Stop across the street at Dog Tag Bakery where they serve killer baked goods and espresso benefitting veterans and military families.

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