What I'm Listening To: The Ike Reilly Assassination

Back when CDs were a thing, my brother would burn me these mixes of bands I'd never heard of but immediately loved. Thats how I first heard Ike Reilly and I immediately went out and bought his album, Salesmen and Racists. I'm not sure where those CDs are, but it's been in high rotation on my Spotify, iTunes and Pandora playlists.
Signed CD. *swoon*
So, when my brother told me he was going to be playing Rock and Roll Hotel, I was all in. The guy is an amazing, fun, gritty, smart ass performer. I loved the back stories he told about the songs. He gave a shout out to the AFL-CIO to rousing shouts and I quickly realized all of the good looking guys in the audience were laborers -- and Ike was singing their anthems.

Reilly's songs are great stories that make you smile or smirk even when grappling with heartbreak, addiction and getting older. Give the title track, Born On Fire , a listen below. It's going on my morning playlists to give me some feel good mojo to start tough days.

Download or buy my two favorite albums through the Amazon.com links below. I'll get a few pennies tossed my way so that I can go see more live music. 


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Unknown said...

Any more pics from the show??

It was so great...