Where to Eat in Maine: Becky's Diner in Portland

You know a diner is going to be good when your 19-year old driver tells you it's his go to hangover joint. Becky's Diner was perfect for the rainy Sunday recovery that we needed before flying home to DC.
Cup of coffee is always full at Becky's counter
He said the best thing on the menu was the homemade corned beef hash and he was right. But I still needed to try everything else:
I'll have everything.
Our neighbors at the counter also upsold us on a grilled blueberry muffin: 
Grilled Blueberry Muffin at Becky's
Becky's Diner is located at 390 Commercial Street in Portland, Maine. It's walkable from downtown, unless it's monsooning, in which case Uber works just fine.

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