Where to Eat When You Summer in Maine

"We are people who summer in Maine," said my friend Mary, with a sarcastic laugh, as we crossed the bay via ferry to Swans Island.

The truth is, we are Southerners. From Florida and Texas. We are people who summer on the Redneck Riviera. But, Maine is pretty easy to fall in love with. We were escaping responsibilities of careers and families for a long weekend of gin and tonics and lobster rolls. And it was glorious.

Living in DC, the flight to Portland is quicker than the drive to Rehoboth, so I just might become a regular. In the mean time, I'll share my favorite spots along the way in this Maine Food Map (below or here). So, let me know what I should add. Looks like I might be back late June and mid August also. I can fit in a lot of lobster rolls in that time.

My favorites from this visit were Sur Lie (where former DC barman Sam Babcock can be found), Coffee Hound (my reigning favorite lobster roll at 9:30am) in Bar Harbor, the fresh lobsters cooked by my friend Lisa on Swans Island, and of course, Eventide. Ya gotta do Eventide.

I stayed at the Westin Portland Harborview again, but this time brought the gal posse and Ike. They couldn't have been more accommodating, hooking us up with a corner room with water views on two sides.


Higbe said...

9:30 am is really the best time to eat a lobster roll.

Unknown said...

Any time is the right time to eat a lobster roll.

Unknown said...

Second marriages are an indulgence. Girl trips are essential.

Higbe said...

If you don't like lobster rolls, go whittle a dick.