SER: Bringing San Sebastián to DC

Do you have friends that throw the best dinner parties? The ones where a casual drop by ends up with bottles of wine on ice and a backyard grill in action. Everyone says, "y'all should open a restaurant."

Well those friends of mine *did* open a restaurant! (If you visit, make sure to ask for Javier or Christiana and tell them I sent you.)

It's called SER, which stands for simple, easy and real - and is located in Arlington, VA. I can't pretend to be objective here, so I'll let the photos do the talking. Here is a sampling from the three times I've been...
The Chef's Bar

I even contributed to the Kickstarter and my photo - and my dog Ike - are on the wall.
Scavenger Hunt: Find Ike and I on the wall at SER

The bar is stocked with a great cocktail list, including this gin based concoction called the Campos Rose:
Campos Rose

I like to start off my meals there with the fresh thin slices of jamon Iberico, gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp) and the gorgeous salads.
Jamon & Sherry

Gambas al Ajillo

House Salad
If you're feeling adventurous, try the oysters, the goose barnacles (when I was in Spain they were 200 Euro on menus!), the crab salad, the sweetbreads or the steak tartare topped with quail egg.

Seafood Platter
Goose Barnacles - Don't worry, they'll instruct you!
Tomato & Crab Salad topped with shaved watermelon radish
At this point, I'm pretty full already. But save room. For the entrees, seafood is my favorite. The fish of the day, fileted table side (reminded me of Getaria) and the squid in black ink really stand out to me.
Freshly grilled fish
Squid in Black Ink
With dinner (or before), order a bottle of txakoli, a light, fizzy white wine from Northern Spain. It's worth it for the dramatic pour alone! 
Txakoli (pronounced Chock-o-lee)
We aren't done yet. *deep breaths*

Dessert. Churros with chocolate sauce or flan are an easy choice - and fulfilling. But the Goxua (think strawberry shortcake) or the gooey warm chocolate cake with espresso gelato... Oh and the pineapple tart. You are going to need return trips to SER until you've had each. 
Chocolate & Espresso Madness
Still with me? Let's talk Spanish gin n tonics.
Javier Candon's gin n tonics with lavender
See. I told you I couldn't be unbiased.

PS. Brunch
Carved jamon Iberico
Blood Orange & Peach Mimosas
Eggs, Patatas Bravas & Blood Sausage
Jamon, Garlic Potato Chip and Egg Sandwich
PSS. 100 seat patio coming soon. Ike and I will see you there all spring.

SER is located near the Ballston metro stop at 1110 North Glebe Road in Arlington, VA. There is also a $2 parking lot underneath it... and I can verify that it's very easy to snag an Uber home if you imbibe too much at the bar.

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