Kim-Cheese Quesadilla, Inspired by Joe Yonan

I picked up Joe Yonan's newest book, Eat Your Vegetables at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market a few weeks ago. There are a ton of creative, interesting ways to cook small portions of vegetables included, but the one that popped out at me most significantly was the Grilled Kim-Cheese.

I first had kimchi at the TaKorean food truck here in DC, and I love the spice and tang. I also love a good grilled cheese. So, brilliant combo.

But, when I returned home after a week of work travel, the fridge wasn't looking good. I had a bag of shredded cheddar cheese. And, I had - in anticipation of trying it (and also on Joe's rec) - secured some Number 1 Sons KimChi-- made right here locally and sold at the Pleasant Pops Farmhouse & Cafe store in Adams Morgan. But, no bread.
Enter, tortillas. And, magic:

Pick up Joe's book and see what you get inspired to make. I think my next one is going to be the Cold, Spicy Ramen - I've already picked up my packages of ramen and am ready to toss the packets and get all DIY. I might never be Toki Underground, but Joe's getting me closer.

Follow Joe Yonan on Twitter at @joeyonan and read him in the Washington Post.

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