Whole 30: Emergency Paleo Snack Pack

Look, I get that eating meat and veggies instead of pasta and cheese is healthier for me. But where I get weak is snacking. I'm one of those people that gets postal cranky if I don't eat every four hours or so. So, I needed a paleo-compliant emergency kit to get me through to my next meal in order for me to be successful on this #30daytransformation challenge. Here's what I came up with:

Tammy's Emergency Snack Pack: 
Apple Chips
Coconut Flakes (not shredded, but the chunkier kind)
Dried Apricots

Take a handful of each, pop in a Ziploc, shake and go! It's sweet and crunchy and filling.

UPDATE: The apple chips lost their crunch overnight. To keep optimum crunch factor mix just before serving.

I think this can be improved upon too. What spices, herbs or other ingredients would you add?

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MrsWheelbarrow said...

I like this combo very much. I might add peanuts (are you allowed peanuts?) and dates or prunes.