Whole 30: Eating Out in DC While Staying Paleo

The most annoying part of this whole January paleo challenge is the crazy haters. I mean, here you are trying to be good about choosing meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits and nuts and - BAM! - you get some loon on your Instagram accusing you of eating potatoes instead of root vegetables. Crazy pants. But, as I near the end of the month, once I got past day seven or eight (when I would have killed for a cake pop), this really hasn't been that difficult.

Most restaurants have had plenty of great options and I'll share a few below.

Wednesday Dinner: Writing a food blog means you get invites to lots of great tastings. Being on a paleo-diet for the month of January means that most of them = cheating. But, this visit to Union Market for the most part was easy-peasy.  Just stick to the insanely tasty meat counter at Red Apron Butchery and the local oysters at Rappahannock Oyster Bar and you'll be totally fine. (Confession: Gina of Buffalo & Bergen did teach me to make an egg cream. And I drank every last bit. It rocked. But, it was small. And, I kept on the challenge afterwards.)
Oysters at Union Market
Friday Lunch: After I left Atlas Vet (with Ike street-legal on shots), I popped in Shawafel on H Street to pick up lunch. Dr. Matthew, who apparently is thisclose to having a sandwich named after him, has always told me I have to try this H Street Lebanese joint. I got the Kafka Platter with ground lamb, tabbouleh salad and I subbed the baba ganoush for hummus. It was fantastic. Middle Eastern food is always a good choice because of the likelihood you'll find great grilled meat and seafood with fresh vegetables.

Kafka Platter at Shawafel on H Street
Sunday Brunch: Medium Rare is on my neighborhood brunch rotation, but normally my go-to is their decadent French Toast. During the month of January, that's been a no-go. But, it doesn't mean when Alejandra, Nikki, Scott & I met for brunch I had to starve. I got the steak eggs benedict and subbed the salad for the fries. Yes, missing out on the fries was sad. But I was full, and it tasted great.
Benedict, sub salad for fries at Medium Rare
Sunday Dinner: Finally, I hadn't seen Caroline in too long, so we met up for dinner at Ripple where I had this seared mackerel with kale puree, grilled octopus and sunchokes.
Seared Mackerel at Ripple
The bottom line here... I wasn't grilling chefs about whether they were using ghee vs butter or adding hidden cream or sugar here. But, I've been making better whole food choices. Eating more protein, vegetables and fruit and less bread, pasta, sugar and alcohol.

And, as I near the end of January, I find myself considering trying to keep eating this way. I can always splurge on sweets or cheese grits or pasta... but I feel great, I haven't gotten sick (despite everyone around me getting the flu and colds) and I need to size down my skinny jeans.

I don't want to turn into one of those crazy paleo police people, but maybe this has changed my eating habits and tastes. What do you think? Have you tried it before?


Peter said...

I noticed the oysters and just had to mention a taste treat the other day from the Oasis Restaurant in North Haven, Australia - they top the oysters with watermelon sorbet and the combination of the tangy flavor and the extreme cold is sensational.

Marina Development said...

Excellent content - as you always provide and inspire me to come again and again.

sal said...

i couldn't live w/out hummus. but yum. i want to try shawafel!