Inauguration Weekend: From Chef's Ball to Scrapple Burgers

When I fall off the wagon, I do it right. I pressed pause on the whole paleo challenge to enjoy the Inauguration weekend without boundaries.

Saturday, I went to Belga Cafe and had an amazing dinner with friends. It wasn't even too crazy off the paleo challenge because I had foie gras, steak and lobster. But, I definitely will cop to a lot of wine, a few frites and two bites of macaroni and cheese. I mean, it was Chef Bart Vandaele's joint, how could I not? We liked Chef Bart so much that we took him with us to the Inaugural Chef's Ball where Chef Art Smith was hosting some of his buds like Eric Bruner-Yang, Mike Isabella and Rock Harper. It was awesome. We danced a lot.

On Sunday, I went to a friend's pig roast on Capitol Hill and just had pulled pork with sriracha. But, then I had a few beers and ended up at The Tune Inn... where Jameson's entered the picture. I needed a base and fast, so I ordered up the epic Scrapple Burger with a side of tater tots.
Enjoying every bite of The Tune Inn's Scrapple Burger 
I left shortly after that bite though, because I had a 5:30am call time to watch Morning Joe tape live from The Dubliner. I may or may not have been slightly hungover and after the previous night's Scrapple Burger, I opted for coffee and granola. By the time 9:00am rolled around, we were ready for Bloody Mary's and pancakes (with strawberries!)
Meeting Mika and Joe!
(L to R: Tammy Gordon, Jenna Golden, Mika Brezinski, Joe Scarborough, Alejandra Owens and Nikki Rappaport.)
It was a fantastic weekend, but I feel... well... like I drank too much booze and consumed too much food. So, I'm back on the program tomorrow. To ensure that I wouldn't flake, I've decided to try My Power Supply which delivers paleo-friendly meals.

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Nelle Somerville said...

Loved seeing you all on Morning Joe!!! Such a blast.