Must Get: Grilled Apricots at Dino PLUS their 7th Anniversary Specials

All of the foodie types had been buzzing about what Dino was doing with apricots last week so I had to sneak up there after the rain Sunday and try them out. The photo doesn't do it justice. Wrap your brain around this: grilled apricots, wrapped in prosciutto and stuffed with mascarpone cheese.
Dino's Grilled Apricots
That was supposed to be the last of them for the season (usually there's only a two week window for locally grown apricots), but Dean just told me that he scored another flat that will be delivered today - so get there fast!

While you're there, congratulate Dean & Kay on the 7th anniversary of Dino and you'll be treated to a free glass of wine. I hear Dean's planning to open his 1999 Cerbaiona Brunello on Wednesday and the 1999 Pertimali on Friday. They've also got an amazing tasting menu celebrating their favorite regions of Italy.

A few pics from my latest dinner at Dino after the jump...

Julian Mayor & I cheersing with our "Dino Anniversary Vino"
Pasta in Salsa: Linguine with onions, garlic, parsley

Risotto al Nero di Sieppi with squid ink & squid

Pork "al Saor" (pork rolls)

Some sort of hazelnut gelato madness
Dino is located at 3435 Connecticut Avenue NW (at Ordway Street) - right across from the Cleveland Park metro stop.

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