Lazy Tuesday at the Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market

So far so good over here on vacation. Highlights have mostly included sleeping in, watching Ike roam the backyard freely, reading at the beach and generally not being in the office. But, I did have one thing on my agenda: the farmers market.

Fine, I'm a little addicted to farmers markets, but isn't that better than many alternatives? The Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market operates year round on Tuesdays, rain or shine, from noon til 4pm.

I'm staying in Dewey, but this was just a short bike ride past Silver Lake and then up to Lighthouse Circle. It's not huge but there were about twenty to twenty five vendors there today selling everything from fresh baked goods to Eastern Shore cheese to Delaware peaches. I forgot to bring my camera (and I'm trying to live in the moment over here and not tweet my every breath), but I snapped this photo of my haul:
Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market in July
I picked out sunflowers to put on the table for tonight's grilling festivities, some peaches, tomatoes and feta to make a salad, some locally baked honey wheat bread which will ended up sandwiching tomatoes and mayo and/or grilled peaches and cheese, apple cider donuts and a tub of feta made on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

I also picked up some cheddar and peanut butter dog biscuits for Ike who's been enjoying his sun deck this week:
Ike soaking in the sunshine and beach breezes
Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market is located at Grove Park (right at Lighthouse Circle). They offer seasonal updates, recipes and photos on Facebook and Twitter.

PS. Is it really a lazy Sunday if you've already worked... and you've biked to the market? Actually, it's been a busy Tuesday... for the beach and all.

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Jeff D said...

Just saw this in the Post today. While you've got the fire going, that salad might be good with grilled peaches: