A Week of Beach Food: Rehoboth & Dewey Beach Edition

I got so many recommendations of places to eat during my week at the beach, but I ended up grilling out at the house for the most part. Just hanging out on the back deck with my dog, my friends and some amazing ingredients was hard to leave.
Pretty much what I did all week...
But when I did, here were a few of my favorite bites in Rehoboth & Dewey Beach:

Date Night Dinner at Stingray: Rehoboth
Saturday night, we biked into Rehoboth Beach for a cocktails and sushi at Stingray Sushi Bar + Asian Latino Grill. I loved the cute Victorian house and front porch setting at Stingray, but when you enter, prepare for trendy decor and music. We sat at the bar, had too many cocktails, and split sushi rolls and ceviche. My fave: the black grouper ceviche! From there, we biked back to the boardwalk where we took in an epic Journey cover band... if that doesn't get you in beach vacation mode, I'm not sure what will!

Healthy Lunch at Fifer Orchards Farm & Market: Dewey
Fifer's was like having a farmers market a block and a half from my house. Fresh, local ingredients + snacks + a fantastic deli. After overindulging on those bacon-butter burgers, I was craving lots of fresh vegetables, and this Veggie Sandwich with hummus, cheese and a massive amount of greens hit the spot. Plus, it was served with a crunchy pickle and a refreshing side of watermelon:
Market Vegetable Sandwich at Fifer Orchard Farm & Market in Dewey Beach
Hangover Acquisition at The Starboard: Dewey
Maybe all of those veggies made me crave something bad for me? I mean, Orange Crushes aren't terrible  for you on their own... perhaps it was that I had more than I recall. They do go down easy and The Starboard serves more oranges (and grapefruit) than any other establishment in Delaware. It involved a cover band. Possibly shots. And making fun of a guy that couldn't stop saying that he had a Lamborghini. And, lots of fun with Mary & McCealaig.
Starboard. So amused.
Hangover Recovery at Nalu Hawaiian Surf Bar & Grill: Dewey
Let's put it this way - the nachos served three grown adults who are big eaters... and we were too full to order lunch. Add it to your list if you just need a mound of cheesy goodness.

Birthday Dinner at Ristorante Zebra: Rehoboth
For the big day, we decided to return to Stingray for drinks and then walk across the street to Zebra for some Italian. Of course, I tasted everyone's plates, so I can confirm that my favorites were the carpaccio, the grilled avocado with mango, and the summer risotto.
Grilled Avocado Salad with Mango from Ristorante Zebra
Summer Risotto with Lemon and Shrimp at Ristorante Zebra
Birthday Custard at Kohr Brothers Custard on the Boardwalk: Rehoboth
We resisted dessert at Zebra because we had our eyes on the prize. More boardwalk custard. My favorite (I'm not sure if it's taste or location) is the Kohr Brothers Custard right at the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk. I get straight vanilla usually, but since it was a celebration, I opted for chocolate dipped with rainbow birthday sprinkles:
Cheers to Boardwalk Custard!
Coffee and Baked Goods at The Coffee Mill
With the week over, it was time to turn in the keys (*tear*). Luckily, right next to my realtor was my favorite coffee shop - I picked up a spinach and cheese stuffed croissant, an iced latte and got ready to fight the traffic back home to DC. I like to think the Coffee Mill makes entry and exit to Rehoboth and Dewey (it's at the apex) a little bit nicer.

[BONUS farmers market and the house realtor links after the jump...]

Anderson's Produce Market: Greenwood, DE
There are so many cute towns and markets on the road between DC and the Delaware short. On the way home, I fell smitten with Anderson's Produce Market. The owner, Kevin Anderson (and former chef) came out to greet Ike and told me that his lab was usually there too. When I asked what those red hair fruit things were, he didn't just tell me rambutan. He told me how he and his wife first encountered rambutan on a surfing vacation in Costa Rica. Then recently, he found a nearby source. He told us they were a little like a grape once you peeled the skin off, but with a pit. They were... and maybe a little bit plummy? Either way, super fun to try. The yellow melon (I forgot the name) was a taste combo of honeydew and canteloupe. And, I couldn't pass up the local apricots (especially after Dino's inspiring turn has me thinking about what I could come up with!)
My Anderson Market haul
Long & Foster of Rehoboth & Dewey Beach
The always in-the-know Cathy Barrow clued me into the fact that Dewey is a dog-friendly beach, so that made narrowing the scope of last minute rentals easier. I picked a house (100 West) that was just a block from the beach, bike-able/long-walkable to Rehoboth, had three bedrooms to host friends and a fenced in backyard for Ike. It was perfect. Long & Foster made the rental super easy and I'd definitely recommend reaching out to Carol there if you are looking for a place. I know I'll be back.
Backyard at 100 West, Dewey Beach, DE

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