Vintage Furniture & Fun in Lucketts, VA

Before noon today, I'd never heard of Lucketts. Now, I'm planning to rent a truck for my next visit to this vintage and antique home goods and furniture Mecca. (Hat tip to Rivka who told Alejandra who told me...)

This weekend was their annual Lucketts Annual Spring Market. Their website says "seriously, bring a trailer" and they aren't kidding. I saw the perfect dining room table for my condo at half the price - plus a vintage chest of drawers that I want to repurpose into a bathroom vanity. I had to leave them there because I had no way to get them home. Related: Anyone have a pick up I can borrow?
I want it all!
I mean, how can you not love a place with vintage mini trailers, Union Jack storage, antlers and laughing Buddhas all in one place?

Love. Love.

I love you too, Lucketts... and your disco ball.
I bought this nightstand and weathered mirror for a combined $100. I'm in love with them both! But, after tweeting about them, my friends reminded me I should also have brought home the Champagne and the antlers. Next time!

Bought these from Uniquely Yours... Or Mine.

The Old Lucketts Store is located at 42350 Lucketts Road near Leesburg, VA. Follow them on Facebook to get information on events - and don't forget to reserve your truck or trailer for next year's Spring Market.


Sarah AKA The Thriftress said...

I saw that mirror and side table in Susan's tent! I'm glad you found something to take home that fit in the car.

Peter Johnson said...

Love that Buddha - it would look sensatinoal in our rainforest garden nursery www.diamondwaters.com.au

MandyStahl said...

Looks like an awesome place. Let me know e next time you want to go, I love hunting for great finds and have a pick-up :)