Roof With a View: 1905 Restaurant

Let's be real. I come to 1905 for the food, not the view. Nevertheless, it was exciting to see that the roofdeck has been completed and was open for business tonight! I've been sneaking up to check on the progress for months, so it was so nice to have a little "friends and family" drink up there and finally get to share the fantastic sunset views of the Washington Monument along with the row houses up 9th Street NW.

Photos from 1905 Roofdeck
It's open to the public starting Wednesday, May 16th (thought be patient as they are still getting everything up and running on a new level... consider it a friend's clubhouse at this point...)  When you go, pop by the bar to say hi to Joel and make sure to try the lamb sandwich - it's my favorite thing on the menu.
Lamb Sandwich at 1905 Restaurant
1905 is located at 1905 9th Street NW in Washington, DC. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

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