A Five Step Guide to Getting a Girl's Number on Metro

I just witnessed a miracle. In just five stops on the red line at rush hour, the guy sitting next to me on the Metro scored a girl's phone number. It was like Patti Stanger was all Cyrano de Bergerac in his ear.

He played ever single step perfectly. And before you go there, no, he wasn't smoking hot (he wasn't bad looking at all, but he looked like thousands of other Washington guys... balding, glasses, briefcase)... and she was really pretty. One thing was clear. He knew what he was after and he had confidence. Here's how it played out:

Step 1: Fate Intervenes at Gallery Place:
Guy is already seated. Girl sits in the adjacent seat and is reading. She looks up briefly and he says, "I think I sat next to you yesterday." She did what I would've done. Polite acknowledgment and back to the reading material.

Step 2: Paying Attention Pays Off at Metro Center:
Guy: "You get off at Cleveland Park, right?" Girl: "Um, Woodley." I could feel her internal skepticism shifting... maybe he really *did* sit next to me yesterday and that wasn't just a line.

Step 3: Reassurance You Aren't a Stalker at Farragut West:
Guy: "Small world. Have you ever been to Zoo Bar?" Girl: "No... I know where that is though." Guy: "Are you new to town?" Girl: "Yes, I've been here about six months though. I really like the neighborhood." Here, he shifted attention away from the "pick up" and into something they had in common - a spot they both know about in her neighborhood.

Step 4: Setting Up the Close at Dupont Circle:
Guy: "Zoo Bar's fun. It's a good dive. They have jazz certain nights. I have some friends that go." Girl: "Oh, cool. I'll have to try it sometime." Again, a minor shift away from the pick up. It's not that he's saying oh, let's go to Zoo Bar... more, I like it and since you're new, maybe you will too. I can tell at this point that she's interested. No more looking back down at the reading material.

Step 5: Closing the Deal at Woodley Park:
Girl gets her belongings together to exit. Guy: "Well, nice meeting you. Maybe I'll see you on the Metro again sometime." Girl "Yeah, same commute times..." Guy: "Or if you'd ever want to hang out, let me know." Girl: "Oh yeah." Guy: "Do you have a card?" Girl digs in her purse and hands him a card. Guy: "Great, talk to you later."

Done and done. It was so perfectly executed that I clearly started paying attention. Hyper-attention. As in, this is gonna make a great blog post attention.

I will stress - he seemed nice, chill, fun and genuine. If you are weird. stalker-y or douchey, this likely won't work for you.

He *better* call her.

PS. Have you ever met anyone on public transportation? What was the hook?


Anonymous said...

Major "Like" --Ball's STILL in her court. Analysis: Just an invite w/NO pressure. Based on all the "pins" I get on Fri/Sat night from a certain board o'mine, there are likely a lotta 'bored' girls out there in the DMV that just might find themselves a little 'cur us' :0 #jusasayin'

Jen said...

Cute. Low key. Smart.

Then again, guys in DC have it so easy.

Anonymous said...

Good article - informative, funny, and enlightening :)

Anonymous said...

Business card is definitely key. Nothing like the awkward few seconds you have to write down or enter her number in your phone while the metro door is closing on you.

Will he call? Who knows. Maybe he's a nice guy, he saw the girl looking sad and wanted to give her an ego boost.

Tammy Gordon said...

LOL. She definitely wasn't sad. She was just chillin' on the way back from work. I wanted to hang out with her by the end. Cool chick, great smile, easy to talk to... who wouldn't?!?

Scotbob56 said...

I'd probably get arrested.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried this, but always wanted to. Now I know how it could work.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I definitely give off "stalker" vibe.

Anonymous said...

A day after I read this article, a friend of mine told me she was hit on using mostly the same tactics on her morning commute on the metro. It was really awkward because she's married.

Tammy Gordon said...

There's a fine line between awkward and flattering. It's ok to say thank you and decline if you're unavailable or truly uninterested.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience recently. It was a young woman, we started talking and the next thing I knew she was flirting with me. I was so surprised I didn't think quickly enough to hand her my card before my stop came up. I'm definitely going to keep a ready supply of cards in my shirt pocket for the next time.