Austin: Second Bar + Kitchen for Brunch

This post was waylayed by the post TED/SXSW SARS (I'm not sure how I thought I'd get away with 10 flights in 14 days and not get sick, but alas...)

I told you Second Bar + Kitchen was so nice, I went twice. And even though I had no idea what day it was, luckily Chef David Bull did... It was Brunch Day!

We ordered up the bread basket... But before you yawn... It contained bacon cinnamon rolls. I defy you to stay carb free when faced with that.
Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
Next up, the Texas Benedict which was poached eggs over pulled pork atop a jalapeƱo cheddar biscuit... Smothered in chorizo gravy.

Texas Benedict
Don't judge, I split it. And ordered a vegetable. The Brussels sprouts... With bacon and cheese.
Brussels Sprouts
Check it out if you're in Austin. Lookin at you Beth, Chris, Chris and Rachel.

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