TEDActive: Welcome to Palm Springs

I know, I know... I have a rough life. I'm spending the week as a TEDActive Amplifier in gorgeous Palm Springs. Basically, that means my job is to bring the experience of being here in person to you!

Never heard of TED? It's basically an event where amazing, smart, creative people get together and share ideas. The TEDActive version seeks to turn ideas into action.

Here's what I've learned so far:

1) All of the good conversations happen by the Riviera Hotel pool firepits. Cocktails may or may not enhance the experience. Last night, walking past one such pit, I heard, "What should we hashtag this fire pit..." and I knew, I was home.
Fire pits by the Riviera Hotel Pool at TEDActive
2) As an East Coaster, I wake up too early here. Great reason to go for a run and enjoy this gorgeous scenery. The hotel front desk can give you good running routes or you can rent a bike.
Palm Springs, CA
3. The Riviera Hotel is really cool and getting cooler by the moment... check out the signs and balloon path from the color team (more later) as you walk inside...
Lobby of the Riviera Hotel pre-TEDActive
4. While Circa 59 at the Riviera makes a nice latte, if you can walk or drive a mile down to Koffi, you'll enjoy that espresso drink with this lush patio and view.
View from Koffi Coffeehouse in Palm Springs
I've only been here 24 hours, the kickoff isn't until later today and I want to move in. Like, there should be a Melrose Place style living situation where you can surround yourself with this many bad ass people.

I'll keep updating you as the week goes on. Drop me questions or recommendations in the comments or tweet me! I'm also pinning on Pinterest and posting to Facebook and Instagram (I'm @tammygordon there), so follow along and play from home.

PS. If you're here. Join us down by the pool cabanas where we'll be building real and virtual time capsules at 4pm EST.


Anonymous said...

It sounds amazing! Enjoy all the wonderful experiences!

Toyota Palm Springs said...

I'll have to stop by the Riviera Hotel for a weekend retreat; looks lovely.