What I've Been Eating: The Source by Wolfgang Puck

Sometimes, life gets so busy, blogging falls by the wayside... but rest assured, I have photos of killer food saved up for months! Here's one I Foodspotted in real time, but I wanted to make sure to share with y'all because it was fantastic.

The evening did not start out well. I walked out of work and my car was booted. Thanks, DC police. ;) It seems with just two unpaid tickets, you are eligible for this pleasure. I had 15 minutes to book my tail over to the Courthouse and pay up or it would get towed and I'd owe even more. I made it, but then I had to wait over an hour while the booters came back to de-boot me.

Naturally, I decided to wait this out at The Source bar.  I started with this killer cocktail... I can't remember it's name... but it involved tequila and an awesome jalapeno kick!

Then, I had the tempura green beans... because, you know, I was trying to be healthy and eat more vegetables. They are delicious. If you must eat vegetables and hate them (I don't hate them though), I highly recommend a tempura batter and spicy dipping sauce!
And, I ended with these Virginia clams in a spicy Thai broth that I wanted to lap up like soup when I was done.
When I left The Source to get my car, it had a new ticket on it for parking after zone time was up... while it was booted. Sigh. I just cared a lot less after this meal.

The Source by Wolfgang Puck is located at 575 Pennsylvania Avenue (entrance is actually on 6th Street NW) in the Newseum. It's walkable from either Gallery Place/Chinatown or Archives/Navy Memorial metros.


District Murphy said...

Those tempura green beans sound phenomenal! And I believe in anything (cocktails included) that have jalapenos.

Anonymous said...

what a nightmare!! but thank god you had all those delicious treats to ease the pain.

City Girl said...

I'm so over how DC is ticketing cars lately. The Source was one of my best meals of the past year, and I really want to go there again! xoxo