MAP: Where to Eat and Shop in Rockville, MD

I'm getting ready to redo my bathroom and @APoshGirl is sending me on a tile hunt up in Rockville, MD. The only issue is, I know nada about Rockville, but people tell me there is good food up that way. (Yes, I'm being an over-dramatic District resident... it's not like it's Vermont, it's a few miles north.)

So, natch, I asked my Facebook and Twitter friends and got so many great suggestions back. I'll never be able to get to them all today (and still maintain my figure), so I decided to make another foodie Google map in case I find myself back that way. I hope it helps you guys too. Based on frequency and amount of exclamation marks, my friends thing Addie's, Cuban Corner and Joe's Noodle House are the top choices, but looks like there's plenty of ground to try. Here's my Google map with all of the suggestions I received: 

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PS. I'm also including the shops I'm traversing as I decorate my new condo. Rockville is PACKED with home renovation, furniture and antique shops. You could spend days shopping there for things you've pinned on Pinterest! My targets for bathroom tile are Architectural Ceramics, Mosaic Tile and Porcelanosa.

Tell me in the comments if I missed anything and I'll add it in!

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Anonymous said...

Urban BBQ and their sister joint, Urban Burger, are out of this world!