DC Area Hurricane Specials

The earthquake came too fast to get you disaster deals from the local restaurants, but Hurricane Irene's giving us plenty of notice. I'll add them as I see them, but here's a starter set of fun places to go and weather the storm with your newest best friends...

Cajun Experience in Dupont Circle - $5 Hurricanes all day Saturday!

Free tastings at Cardinal Point Winery in Afton, VA (near Charlottesville(

Who KNOWS what this is... but it's Rogue 24, so you know you wanna find out!
Bottom Line will be staffed up with bartenders from Dewey Beach's Starboard - and tons of specials to go along!
1905 is blowing through with Restaurant Week prices... take that Irene!
District 2 is offering this Stoli concoction for $6 during Irene...
Lyon Hall in Clarendon serves up their version of Come On Irene for just $5
Need to hunker down? Cleveland Park Bar & Grill is the spot. No closing. No way.
Acadiana is making deals on their killer cocktails. I've ridden out two tropical storms here and can verify it's a good time.
Not a better place to ride out a 'cane than Bayou... they know their Nola.
Haha, Medium Rare wins the most amusing deal out there... 

If you see others, tweet them to me at @floridagirlindc and I'll keep sharing em!

PS. Just found more on Washington City Paper.

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