Peach & Ricotta Sunflower Toast

I'm going through a ricotta phase. I've never been a huge fan, but I bought a tub of the Keswick Creamery (VA) whole milk ricotta at last week's Dupont Circle Farmers Market and I swear, I could just eat it with a spoon.

To make myself feel somewhat more civil, I toasted up my Atwater's Bakery (MD) sunflower bread, spread the ricotta across it and topped it with peaches. Healthy(ish) and yum. I think you could do the toast, ricotta combo with just about any fruit. I got the idea from Food & Wine who suggested pairing it with tart cherries and lemon peels.

Peach & Ricotta Sunflower Toast (photo: Tammy Gordon)
What would you pair it with?


Shari said...

I love ricotta. Your concoction looks awesome and that is a great title. I buy cannoli shells, seeten the ricotta just a little with vanilla and powdered sugar, spoon it into the shells and dip the ends in mini chocolate chips and chopped pecans. Or spread the toast with butter, nutella and top with ricotta. Not so healthy maybe, but Ymmm!

Nelle Somerville said...

That screams tomato and basil to me. Don't you just love Atwaters. You really should come up North for a culinary tour of our delightful spots.