Yeah, I Watched. And Loved It.

I thought I'd watch the wedding coverage, but not in real time. I mean, 4 am start time? I'm only getting up then if I'm flying out to an island at 5am.

But I woke up around 6am and it ended up being perfect timing. I saw the Queen arrive. She didn't look dowdy, she looked fantastic and happy (despite her slight Mean Girls snub of Camilla...) And Wills and Harry... I feel like I watched them grow up. I loved seeing them so happy and comfortable with each other. They looked like guys. Just guys. Dressed fancy.

Then Kate. I dig her. She seems cute and funny and most of all, she seems like Wills best friend. Her dress was perfection - a nod to Grace Kelly, couture and tradition all at once. I loved when he told her she looked beautiful. I loved the ceremony. I loved that they kissed on the balcony. Twice.

But most of all, I loved this moment: