Upside? Shutdown Specials

Pretty much the only thing all Americans agree on is that it's ridiculous that Congress can't work out a budget compromise to keep our government functioning.  Tea partiers and liberals are uniting that Congress doesn't deserve to get paid if rank and file workers living paycheck to paycheck don't get paid.

So, with all of this insanity, we DC residents need a little levity... so, we bring you the shutdown specials. *If* they can't agree, at least we can get something out of it. Send me the specials you see and I'll aggregate them here.

Things kicked off with Z Burger:
They added later that the offer extends to employees and contractors. Just flash your badge and get a burger. Should make up for the lack of paycheck, Ergh...

Next up, Dino bar manager Andrew Shapiro gets in the game by announcing happy hour all night long! Lawd, govvies need it after all this showdown stress:

Think you'll spend that free day traipsing through the Smithsonian's? Think again, Washington City Paper reports on all of the museum closings here... and the Corcoran Gallery of Art capitalizes:

Union Pub on Capitol Hill will be offering penny beers for sad(?) staffers from 5-6pm everyday the government is shutdown.
If the politicians can't get their act together, Pound Coffee can. If there's a shutdown, the cafe will be offering 25% off it's food as a "Keep em Fed" special:
Haha, Taylor Gourmet is always on it with witty social specials... 10% off starting at 12:01. Get the password on their Facebook page or below:

Um, is there really a food truck called Shit Truck?
If the government shuts down, The Phillips Collection (my favorite museum in town), will be offering buy one get one half off admissions, discounted Arnold Palmers and discounts in the gift shop. Details here (pdf).

All I can say about this next one is... word.
RedBow Fitness is offering a special $10 on noon classes if Congress can't play nice and we're all stuck at home.

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Michael said...

Yeah, but Obama screwed things up and LEGISLATED. It's getting harder and harder to get a free meal these days, especially at the corner of Louisiana and Constitution where I supposedly do actual work.