Lobster Love Coming to Penn Quarter: Luke's Lobster Summer 2010

I love me some Lobster Truck, but it's rare to get the famed food truck more than once a week in your neighborhood. If you work in Penn Quarter (like me!), you're about to have the option to lobster it up daily if you so desire.

Luke's Lobster is moving in at 624 E Street NW this summer. Has anyone tried the NYC outpost?

I like that brother/owner's Luke and Bryan source the lobster directly from their Dad's sustainable Maine seafood company.  Sneak a peek at their menu and get to know them in their cutie video below:


K said...

I've been to their original NYC location (I think they have 2 now)- soooooooo good!!


Can't wait for them to open in DC!

City Girl said...

Ooh - now that's a welcome new addition to Penn Quarter! Thanks for the info and let's lobster lunch soon! xoxo