MUST DO: Brunch at BaBay on Capitol Hill

Yesterday, I took my brother out to brunch to celebrate his birthday and he reminded me of one of the reasons I love him... he's always game to try new restaurants. We decided on BaBay's brunch, though I was slightly nervous since it was the first day they served brunch. (You always want to give restaurants a few weeks to iron out kinks before writing about them.) I was ready to cut them a break. After all, we showed up right at 11:30 and were the first people in the door.

Here's the deal. BaBay doesn't need the rookie break. It knocked my socks off. And, while there is always room for improvement, the Vietnamese twist on brunch was a refreshing way to break up the whole eggs-bacon-pancakes rut (not that I don't love those too!).

Slideshow of the BaBay brunch awesomeness. Photo Credit: Tammy Gordon

Our server was one of the co-owners so we decided to take her up on her recommendations. I started off with the Bloody Kenny, BaBay's take on the Bloody Mary. I like my bloodies so thick and mired in horseradish that you can drag a shrimp through them. This was a lighter take spiked with sriracha (note: must cook with more sriracha).

The menu had me at Fried Egg Banh Mi (though it also comes in classic, pork belly and meatball versions at brunch). I'd fallen in love with banh mi at Rebel Heroes and was suffering withdrawals since that food truck shut down.  This was a great breakfast-y spin and the fried egg held up nicely with all of the crunchy vegetables and crispy bread.

The Bro started out with the Chili Glazed Wings, and while I normally get grossed out by chicken on the bone, these were irresistable and I poached a few.

Finally, we shared the Grilled Pork Loin, again, not something in my normal wheelhouse, but it was amazing. The pork was pounded thin and well spiced and was set off by pillowy rice cakes that had a crunchy exterior and a soft farm egg - all with a side of sriracha aioli.

I had promised myself I would try Pound The Hill's (just a few doors down) much talked about Nutella latte (post forthcoming) or I would have been suckered in for dessert. BaBay's brunch desserts include a Banana Clafoutis with Curried Chocolate Mousse and Peanut Brittle, Vietnamese Coffee Milkshake with Churro, Black Sesame Cake with Coconut Caramel and Coconut Ice Cream and a Lemongrass Pot de Creme.

The brunch was good reason enough to return soon, but those desserts... they will be mine. See you soon, BaBay.

BaBay is at 633 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington, DC, right between Capitol South and Eastern Market metros. (Does that stretch have a hip new name, 'cause it's got some cool new stuff?) Like BaBay on Facebook and Twitter to stay up with their latest creations - that's how I learned of the new brunch.


Unknown said...

Sounds very good, Tammy. I am going to see if there is a recipe for Fried Egg Banh Mi on the net. Also have never heard of Sriracha - gotta check out that, too.

Sheridan said...

Fried egg banh mi?! I'm so there...

Anonymous said...

Next Sunday you should come try the Small Plates Brunch at RIS!

Anonymous said...

wow!! can't wait to try. huge fan of brunch and twists on classics!