Austin Grill Takes to the Streets

I was wondering when this was going to happen. Established brick and mortar restaurants scaling their menus to compete with the renegade food truck brigade. Well, Austin Grill's hitting the streets as of today with wings, burritos and hot sandwiches. What do you think of their new rig?

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And discuss amongst yourself, does this strengthen the food truck position or is this the moment it jumps the shark?

Me, I think the places that put out great food at a great price are the ones that win out... that's who makes it, regardless of whether they are on wheels or brick and mortar. Of course, a kick-butt social marketing strategy doesn't hurt.

[NOTE: I wish they would add their Queso Fundido and some salads to the menu... in case anyone's listening...]


Nelle Somerville said...

I LIVED at the Glover Park AG when I was "little". So much fun!

Miranda said...

Cool, good for them, unfortunately I work out in Fairfax far away from civilization, so I've never had the chance to try any of the food trucks, I'm bummed about it :(


doug said...


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