What I've Been Eating: Brunch at Estadio

I let my brother and his girlfriend borrow my car and was rewarded with a thank you brunch at Estadio (which I've been dying to try out!) I see why everyone has been raving... there are little touches everywhere that made the experience feel special. From the stacks of oranges at the bar, ready to be fresh squeezed (and mixed with cava, brandy and thyme!) to the locally sourced honey butter that comes with the warm toast.

I feel like the last person in DC to discover Estadio, so if you haven't yet been, take a look at these drool-worthy photos and... get. there. fast.

Estadio is located at 1520 14th Street NW, Washington, DC. You can follow them on Facebook, Yelp and Twitter to stay on top of the latest specials and news.


City Girl said...

I'm drooling at my computer. I haven't made it here yet, but between your review and the recent RAMW nominations for Estadio, I will be soon. xoxo

Alison said...

Don't limit yourself to just brunch. I had dinner there last night for the first time and left feeling like I had just experienced the perfect meal. Everything was wonderful, but I'm already planning to drop back in for a glass of wine at the bar with a Jamón Serrano & Manchego montadito. Serious craving alert.