MAP: Where to Eat in LA

I only had 48 hours in Los Angeles this visit, but I got SO many recommendations from friends, locals and restaurant industry insiders... you know I had to Google map them! If you've got a trip to LA coming up, here's one hell of a starter list.

My favorites this trip were Urth Caffee for breakfast, THEBlvd for lunch and Culina for dinner. But I've still got one meal left (lunch) before my flight takes off... which one of these should get the nod? *paralyzed with making a foodie mistake*

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Keep in mind, I didn't have a car this time and was working in Beverly Hills, so it's heavily centered there. What'd I miss this trip that I should check out next visit?

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annie said...

nice, LOVE LA. Urth cafe is awesome, one of my faves!