To Do: Spontaneous Snow Photo Safari & Class

I've been wanting to do a Washington Photo Safari ever since I graduated to my beloved Canon Rebel.  They just emailed me that they are doing an impromptu photo class on how to take photos in the snow.
(photo credit: Tammy Gordon)
The class is tomorrow (January 27) at 9:45am. David Luria of Washington Photo Safari will learn how to set the exposure and white balance to perfect your snowy Washington landscape pictures. He'll also show you the best angles on the historical buildings, parks and monuments.

Sure it'll be cold, but it will also be cooool... Just register (class is $54) and meet at the base of the Andrew Jackson statue on Lafayette Park (right behind The White House on Pennsylvania at 16th Street NW).

Couple more of my favorite amateur snowy Washington photos after the jump...

(photo credit: Tammy Gordon)

(photo credit: Tammy Gordon)

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Michelle at Hey Love Designs said...

Did you end up taking the class? I did the monuments at night one and it was awesome. David is such a great teacher and it's fun to take in all the city sights and learn new things about your camera.