To Do: DC Brunch Spots Open on MLK Day 2011

Want to grab brunch following your Martin Luther King Day of Service event?  I've started a list of restaurants that will be serving brunch on the national holiday for those of us that are lucky enough to have the day off.  If I missed anyone, leave it in the comments below this post or tweet me.

- Busboys & Poets will be serving brunch from 9am - 3pm at all locations (Shirlington, VA; 14th & V NW, DC and 5th & K NW, DC)
- Commonwealth in Columbia Heights - I'm partial to the BLT and fried olives here. *
- Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe will be serving brunch starting at 7:30am, in case you're an early bird!  Specials include Filet Oscar and the very fun named Barack Obamlette plus Assawoman Bay Crab Omelette.
- Logan Tavern - a reader reports seeing a sign on the door that they'll be serving brunch from 11am-4pm.
- Matchbox, I'm told by my Twitter sources, serves brunch on every federal holiday. If you need another reason to love them, try their breakfast pizza or cast iron baked cinnamon rolls. *
- Open City in Woodley Park and Diner in Adams Morgan serve breakfast all day, every day. Great for a brunch fix at any hour.

Still looking for a place to serve? Join me in serving at Miriam's Kitchen or find a way to give back near you doing something you care about. Create The Good has a great search engine (disclosure: I helped build it so have serious pride in the site!) where you can search by topic, time or zip code.

[*: sourced via Twitter, waiting on confirmation from restaurant. Call first to confirm.]


nicole said...

any arlington places? the metro will still be screwy on monday, so no way for virginia people to get into the city :(

Tammy Gordon said...

I've been asking but haven't heard many beyond Busboys & Poets in Shirlington.