2011 Resolutions: The Food Edition

Last year, I was about 50-50 for hitting my resolutions. I *did* buy a condo, and so that really overshadows all of the things that I hate myself for not doing (ie, learning to surf which is my resolution emeritus)...

This year, I'd like to stop talking about a few things and start eating at them. Therefore, I resolve in 2011 to eat the following:

  • A croissant in Paris
  • At at least three Top Chef restaurants (Lookin' at you Graffiato, 10 Arts... who'll be the third? Michy's?)
  • Get takeout from Thai X-ing
  • Eat with at least two of these storied DC icons that I've never been to: Citronelle, Minibar, Galileo III, Obelisk, Komi (note: bar counts since I have to pay!)
  • Eat at least one farm dinner (the kind where you actually GO to the farm and the chef prepares it on site!)
I think that's enough to start the year off with, but rest assured, as I eat here locally or as I travel, I'll bring you guys the best bites, the funniest stories and all of the rants and rambles in between. Here's to an interesting 2011.

PS. Where do you want to eat in 2011?


Olga @ MangoTomato said...

those are all excellent! Would love to tag along to the farm meal ;)

Crossing my fingers for you re Paris.

Carrie said...

Ditto on Citronelle and Komi! And 10 Arts. Also want to try WD50 in NYC...

Denise said...

Can I come on the farm meal to?? Great resolutions!!

City Girl said...

Komi has been on my list since it opened. And, I so want to go back to Citronelle for its 10-course meal. xoxo