What I've Been Eating: Brunch at Pinky's in Tampa

The first thing I read on the menu this morning was "Pancake Sandwich"... was there really a need to go further? (Though if I had, I might have made it to the Breakfast Quesadilla Kimbril had... or the Breakfast Cuban that my brother picked... Have I mentioned that I'm still full from yesterday's soul-foodgasm?)
I mean, of all of the times I've been to Pinky's, how have I missed this?
Kimbril's Breakfast Quesadilla
Stephen's Breakfast Cuban
Pinky's is located at 3203 West Bay to Bay Blvd. in Tampa, FL. Like 'em on Facebook to get the latest specials and new menu items.


Shari said...

Merry Christmas! I enjoy your blog. If I had another life to live I would love to do what you are doing in D.C.

Tammy Gordon said...

Aw, thank you! DC is a great place to live.

Unknown said...

Ohmygoodness. Pancake Sandwich?! I am totally trying this next time I'm in Tampa.