Exclusive DC Discount: Cool, Custom Pillows by Uptown Artworks

I saw these eco-friendly, created-in-the-USA Uptown Artworks pillows a few months ago, but there weren't any from places I connected with so I reached out to customize my own. A few emails back and forth with designer Lori Blum and voila! we now have not one but two Washington, DC options that I am so excited to have worked to create!
You can order any of the pillows at Uptown Artworks (in addition to these new DC pillows, they have NY, CA & New Orleans or customize your own) and get 15% off as a Florida Girl in DC reader. Just enter code UPTOWN15 at checkout.

Don't forget, if you love them but don't see one for your town, you can customize your own. Check out the one I made for my new condo that represents all of the places I lived in DC before finding my home:

It's in the mail on the way here. I'll snap pics of my living room as it comes together and show you how the pillow personalizes my place.

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Jewel said...

Those are tooo cute! I will DEF be ordering these for gifts!