DC Best Blogger: Pretty Please, Would You Vote for Me?

[NOTE: Voting has now closed. Thanks to everyone who voted for my blog!  - Tammy]

I feel totally self-serving asking you to do this... but I got nominated for DC's Best Blogger in the Washington Post's #DCTweeps contest. And as much as I can kick the dirt and say I don't care... winning it would be pretty cool. Would you mind clicking through and voting for me (listed as @floridagirlindc) here? (If you love me, love me, say that you love me, you could also post this on your Facebook, Twitter and ask your friends to help vote for me also... just sayin... *sheepishly*)

Cardigans "Lovefool"

PS. If you are looking for great folks to follow on Twitter, the other nominees in all of the categories are fantastic as well.


Nelle Somerville said...

I couldn't find you? Am I on the wrong link? :/

Nelle Somerville said...

Oh wait...I got it. Have to click next a few times. Yeah!!!

Shari said...

I voted. Good luck!

Alex said...

I will def vote for you. I'm from Miami and I found your blog because I did a search for Cuban toast and here you were, so here I am. I swear thats how I found you.

Good LUCK!

Tammy Gordon said...

Thank you everyone! I really appreciate it!