14th & U Farmers Market: Spaghetti Squash Challenge & Hydrangeas

I'm going out of town again next week, so this is another 'well-curated' (which means forced small haul) trip to the market. Alejandra and I met up for some Open City coffee and a jaunt to the 14th & U Farmers Market.

I decided my next farmers market challenge will be spaghetti squash. Everyone tells me it's so simple, but I've never made it myself. I got a mess of grape tomatoes and an adorable purple pepper too - so share with me your favorite ideas on what I should make. I'll blog the results and share with you.

PS. Aren't those hydrangeas GORGEOUS? They are from Plantmasters Farm - the newest vendor at the 14th & U Market. Read the Borderstand scoop here.

PSS. Oh, we also may have gotten sucked into another farmers market bake sale for November... stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog through DCist. Really cute! I'm curious why you don't have Takoma Park farmer's market listed on your site.

Tammy Gordon said...

I've never been to it. Shoot me the link to it... happy to add it.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to Takoma's farmer's market website.


Definitely better to go earlier in the morning. The egg guy sells out of eggs in 15 minutes.

It's a good 10-15 min walk from the Metro... and it's not exactly a pretty walk, so it might be more convenient for you to drive (if you have a car). Check out the stalls with the most number of people in line - a good sign that they have the best prices & merchandise.

Tammy Gordon said...

Done & done... added it to the list! Thank you!