Thank You for Coming Out to Proper Swap!

I wanted to let you know how the Proper Swap went yesterday... we collected three entire racks and several boxes of gently worn clothes for Martha's Outfitters. In addition, shoppers donated an additional $125!

Rockin' a fierce find...

Thanks so much to Anna at Proper Topper for hosting. Make sure to stop by their Georgetown store this month for HUGE discounts - it's closing at the end of October. Their landlord is taking over their building so they are consolidating with their Dupont store until they find a new location. Which means, you benefit from the crazy sale!

Bonus, seeing tons of great Twitter pals come out to support Martha's Outfitters. Shout out to @cdrhoo, @lexilooo, @EA_Sportz, @efstewart, @WxSquid, @travelingquill and of course @ProperTopper! (If you didn't fess up and tell me your Twitter handle, please tweet me - I really appreciate you coming out.)

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City Girl said...

Happy, but not surprised, to see that this event was such a success for Martha's Outfitters and all who attended! Bummed that Proper Topper needs to look for a new shop, but the store's unique stock is worth it! xoxo