Talkin' Turkey: Where to Get Your Thanksgiving Bird

Getting ambitious and wanting to cook your own turkey this Thanksgiving? You can start ordering your bird from a variety of local farms in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed region courtesy of your neighborhood FRESHFARM Markets.

Make sure you ask when you order at the farmers market, but birds will most likely be fresh and will be fine if refrigerated 5-7 days before cooking. If you brine it, it will last even longer.
Here's the farmers market schedule and who's got turkeys:  
  • Silver Spring Farmers Market (Sat. 9-1): Rocky Ridge Apiary and Groff's Content
  • Foggy Bottom Farmers Market (Wed. 3-7): Haskins
  • Crystal City Farmers Market (Tues. (3-7): Haskins
  • H Street Farmers Market (Sat. 9-Noon): Garden Path
  • Bethesda Farmers Market (Sat. 9-1): Garden Path
  • White House Farmers Market (Thurs. 3-7): Garden Path
  • Penn Quarter Farmers Market (Thurs. 3-7): Groff’sContent
  • Dupont Circle Farmers Market (Sun. 9-1) : Smith Meadows, Eco-Friendly
  • Annapolis Farmers Market (Sun. 8:30-Noon): Springfield Farms-David Smith

NOTE: HHS and St. Michaels markets will not be taking turkey orders. Thursday markets will not be open on 11/25, so pick up is for the week prior to Thanksgiving.


Shaw Girl said...

Groff's Content is also at Mt. Pleasant Farmers Markets on Saturdays. Last year I got a heritage bird from them the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It tasted ah-mazing!

Nelle Somerville said...

Could you be any cooler and more timely? This is my first bird year baby!!! I've been reading recipes already to gear up for Thanksgiving. My grandmother is coming. I'm psyched!

Tammy Gordon said...

That's so great - my parents are coming in town too. First time they will see the new abode, so we're planning on breaking in this stove hard core.

Del said...

What a beautiful site Floridagirlindc; I get my beautiful bird from MOMS market.

veenacooks.com said...

very nice site, i've just posted a video on how to carve a turkey- veenacooks.com