Metro Pet Peeves: People Wearing Giant Backpacks

Let me start out by saying how happy I am to be back on an easy Metro commute. I'm getting to work quickly and reducing my carbon footprint by not driving. But, it does mean I have to interact with fellow humans and usually before the coffee has taken effect. So, I imagine this is the first in a series on Metro Pet Peeves.

Hey, lady with the ginormous backpack, your body doesn't end at your back... it protrudes out at least another foot... and is slamming into me. For some reason, you don't feel that you are hitting a solid object... maybe because the force has thrown be back three times.

And that's not counting the fashion citation for wearing this Christmas sweater in October, when it's 80 degrees on Metro. And also, not counting that you jumped in front of me to take a seat... for one stop. I loathe you.

OK, I feel better now.


Olga @ MangoTomato said...

you blog so fast!!! that's one hideous sweater. I usually just say "excuse me, your backpack is in my face."

Capitol to Capital said...

I can't support her sweater or schlockiness, but I have to speak up for backpack wearers. If you're in school and have 50+ lbs of books and laptop in your bag, it's hard to put that on the floor to be trampled. Gotta squeeze in where you can. Especially if you're like I was in school and have an additional tote filled with food for the 12 hr day.

Tammy Gordon said...

That bad boy was filled. I think with bricks. It's time for schools to move to Kindles. You know, so I can be more comfortable. So, uh, get on that alumni and state governments that are already strapped for cash... ;)

muckraker said...

Giant backpacks are on my list too. Take them off, people. But by far my biggest per peeve is when men sit with their knees spread and hog all the space in the seats. Close your dang legs, men!

Anonymous said...

Communicate with people and you might be surprised at how willing they are to accommodate you.

People don't know what they don't know. They are most likely not intentionally trying to harm or inconvenience you or make you unhappy.