DC Central Kitchen Vans Vandalized - And How YOU Can Help!

What kind of jerk vandalizes an organization that helps the homeless and is working to provide healthy meals to DC's school kids?  I hope the police find the jerk, but it's more important to me that we band together as a community to stand with DC Central Kitchen and help them repair their fleet.  Every day, those vans recover over one ton of food, deliver 4,500 meals, make catering deliveries and pick up fresh produce from local farms.

Throughout the day, I've watched as bloggers and people I follow on Twitter or Facebook have opened their own wallets and given. I know there are those that call us "social media types" slacktivists and say that our contributions don't make a real difference. But, I believe differently.

I read the story first on TBD. My friend Adam shared the link to contribute on Twitter and asked his friends to match his $25.00 contribution. I saw my friend Sara donate and tweet. I decided to match them and asked my Twitter followers to keep the chain of giving going. Within one hour, four more $25.00 donations rolled in. (Thanks Elizabeth, Jeff, Mich & Doug!)

We *can* band together and show these loser vandals that they are wasting their time. We will always overcome them with our collective positive action.

If you'd like to donate to DC Central Kitchen to help repair their vans and keep pursuing their mission, click here. You can also step up your commitment by volunteering when it works for you. If you're out of time and money, help spread the word to your friends. Like the organization on Facebook and follow them @DCCK on Twitter.

9/23/10 10:26am UPDATE: As of this morning, we've collectively raised $2,400 to getting the vans fixed. Great work, let's keep it up!


Anonymous said...

These people are those who doesn't seem to care at all to people that makes a difference. Life for them is such an easy game that your hardwork to help others wont matter to them until they realize one day that they might need a help from you. Do not waste your energy to them.

Tammy Gordon said...

I disagree. There will always be people who do bad things. It's more important than ever for people to do good things to make up for that. My help helps DC Central Kitchen keep serving meals to those in need. And that's what matters most.

Sarah said...

This is so sad. Thanks for getting the word out and taking the initiative to help out!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have known about this without your tweet/post this morning, thanks for sharing and the tweet to pass it along! @maggieesq