Sign Up for September Cooking Classes in DC

I have a Google problem. I look up one thing and end up with an overwhelming amount of great information...  Today it was cooking classes. There are so many interesting classes coming up, I want to go into a registration frenzy. I've culled my picks from CulinAerie and Zola Wine & Kitchen below:

September 1: Fully Loaded Shellfish at Zola Wine & Kitchen
September 2: Burgers & Brews at CulinAerie
September 7: Fromage, Formaggio, Siers, Queso, Cheese at Zola Wine & Kitchen (how could I resist a class that's all about cheese???)
September 11: Date Night, Indian Style at CulinAerie
September 20: Beginners in the Kitchen at CulinAerie (gotta start somewhere!)
September 21: Meatless for Meatlovers at CulinAerie (Kim O'Donnell will be leading and giving all class members a copy of her new book!!)
September 28: Grains at Zola Wine & Kitchen (I've developed a quinoa obsession)

What are your favorites? (I've heard Hill's Kitchen (site only has May classes though?) and Cookology in Dulles Town Center is great - they also do kid classes!) Is there an instructor that I *need* to follow more closely?

[PS. My first knife skills teacher was Olga from Mango Tomato. She broke me of my fear of my 10 inch chef's knife and is willing to do small classes or private parties. Here's her blog post from my class.]


Olga @ MangoTomato said...

You are so sweet for mentioning me!!! Glad I set you on your way :)

The cheese class sounds very tempting.

Nelle Somerville said...

You are inspiring me to look in Baltimore for cooking classes! I would be all over Date Night, Indian Style!!!

muckraker said...

Sur La Table in Pentagon City has great classes, though sometimes pricey. The fall schedule looks like it is up now.

Tammy Gordon said...

Nelle, I know a great Indian cooking teacher in Columbia, MD. We should meet in the middle for a class in the fall! (and thx Muckraker... Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma both offer classes)

Sana said...

The Date Night, Indian Style class caught my eye. I went to the site, and oh goodness that is an expensive date!!!

I may have to wait and see if my date is worth all the $$$ ;)

Tammy Gordon said...

I know the VA Parks & Rec department has some classes, but I think they are longer term, rather than for just one date night. I'll try to hunt down some more affordable options also. (My best tip is a free one - volunteer at Miriam's Kitchen. You get free cooking skills and also make a huge difference to people!)