Scenes from the Farmers Market, 8.22.10

I love leisurely Sundays where you wake up, grab a coffee and stroll the farmers market. In this fantasy, it was considerably less muggy and sweaty, but we go with what we have.

I'm 15 days away from closing on my first condo, so budget was top of mind this week. I wanted to first case the market, shopping via camera. Then, I would go back, with my food budget of $25, and make my purchases. It worked out great. But, I didn't have the financial fortitude to pass up a latte. Especially a latte as gorgeous and delicious as my first one at Filter Coffeehouse (on 20th Street NW near S Street in Dupont Circle).

With that coffee love pouring into my belly, I started exploring Dupont Circle Farmers Market. Here are a few of my favorite things I found...

 Squash Blossoms & Green Beens
 Multicolored Okra (These came home with me.)
Keep reading after the jump for more market finds, entertainment & cute pups!

 Still a lot of peaches from VA farms available. Eat em fast!
 Love the sidewalk orchestra!
 All the sweet corn you can eat!
 A bushel of steamed crabs fresh from the Chesapeake Bay.
The Mushroom Lady's sampler. I ended up getting lobster mushrooms from her... which I will blog later... hopefully with a risotto!
Love that the Dupont market is so puppy friendly.

For my $25, I came home with okra, a giant lobster mushroom, beet greens (all new things for me to try), garlic, shallot, tomatoes and a half loaf of Atwater's sunflower bread. I'm planning risotto, salads and paninis. Keep me honest on using them this week!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos!

Also an early congratulations on closing on your condo - can't wait to hear stories about the new digs!!

Shari said...

Congratulations on your condo. You are living my fantasy. I live in Tampa. My friend's daughter attended American University in DC for a while and I thought it would be great fun to live and work there. In fact my mother lived there for a while in the 40's before I was born. I remember no details except she used to say something like she lived on O Street and used to have to go two blocks to P. (Does that make sense?) Enjoy your blog.