Bearing Witness for Our Gulf: Citizen Video

As a native Floridian who grew up on the Gulf of Mexico, I've watched, horrified the BP Oil Spill and it's after effects. I'm angry about so many things. The lax safety on the oil rig. The people who lost their lives who were just trying to work for a living and provide for their family. The ruining of the ecosystem. The fish and animals that are dying. The dispersant that appears to be making it all worse.  Two words: Tony Heyward.

With all of that - I feel almost whiny complaining that it could impact my favorite meals or that my favorite beaches are being marred with tar balls.

This week, I've been upset at reports that "maybe it's not that bad." I work in PR. I get spin. And I think it's so important that we don't allow this tragedy to be spun out of our conscience. It's important that we all stay angry and that we hold BP accountable for cleaning this up.

Here's the latest video by a citizen that snuck past the BP PR/Security and flew over the Gulf to get a real report of what's happening out there.

It's disturbing, but it's important that we know what's really happening.


Holly Keegan said...

Right on. Well done keeping it in the public eye. There's simply NO way it's "not that bad." Thanks.

Cori Sue said...

I agree completely. I have nightmares about the oil washing up on my backyard on the Gulf and the photos of dead sealife bring tears to my eyes.
Furthermore, even if the "spin" is accurate, they say there is 26% of the oil (4.6 million barrels) left-- that's still hundreds of thousands of barels!
Also, it's Hayward, not Heyward.

Cori Sue

fleuredeflorida said...

I was listening to NPR the other day (can't remember which show...maybe All Things Considered?) and they were having a whole conversation about how it may not be *that* bad and I nearly had a conniption fit. I am solidly a Florida cracker, and my Dad's family is from Port St. Joe, and I cannot even begin to verbalize how angry I am over the effects this spill has, is, and will continue to have FOR DECADES on the lives, economy, sea life and ecosystems of the Gulf. I hope people see through the "spin".