Wanna Help DC Get a Roving Bacon Truck? Kickstart This...

As much as we talk about bacon on DC blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts (looking at you Jeff Donald and Bourbon Steak), it's pretty amazing that we don't have a bacon related food cart hitting the streets yet. DCist tipped us off that that may be rectified soon. PORC (Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine... get it...) is trying to raise $30,000 to start this business on Kickstarter.

I can't decide if I should have thought of the idea of a roving street truck serving bacon... or tried to use Kickstarter to get around the issue of funding. I love how it allows potential customers to almost buy shares in the business. Consider this:
  • For $25 contribution, you earn two complimentary meals.
  • For a $50 contribution, you get a limited edition PORC t-shirt, two complimentary meals and your choice of the tote bag or the water bottle.
  • For $100 contribution, you get a week's worth of meals (as in 7), the t- shirt, tote bag and the water bottle.
  • For a $250 contribution, you get one ticket to PORC's Whole Hog BBQ Party. Think tasty BBQ pigs, top-notch beer and good times. PLUS everything in the $100 pledge
  • And for a $3,500 contribution, you get FREE FOOD FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR (1 entree, side, drink and dessert per day). Skip the line and claim your prize every day. Hell, you do this and we'll name a dish after you. PLUS the tote bag, water bottle, t-shirt and 2 tickets to the Whole Hog BBQ Party.
If you could start a business using crowdsourced money, what would you do? And why haven't you started yet?

LINK: Help kick start PORC

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Miranda said...

HAHA that is awesome! Just started following your blog, I love the D.C. perspective.