How to Make Something Out of Nothing

Heading to the beach in the morning & on a budget... potential ingredients: leftover naan, tomatoes on their last legs, peppers starting to shrivel, a fresh summer squash and various teaspoons of goat, Parmesan and asiago cheeses. (All leftovers from other meals of the week.)

Solution: douse the naan with olive olive oil and cracked pepper on both sides. Toss into frying pan. Dice tomatoes, julienne peppers and (woot- first use of new mandolin!) thinly slice squash. Top with variety of cheeses, sea salt and any herbs. Cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Let cool, slice and serve!


Shari said...

Sounds good. I don't usually have naan or goat cheese but makes me want to get some.

Tammy Gordon said...

Ha - the Naan was leftover from Indian take out!