Easy Summer Spring Rolls

Ok, this wins for best leftovers in the category of presentation. But let me back up. The drive from DC to the Outer Banks should take four and a half, maybe five hours. It took me eight. Accident blocked the Monitor Merrimack Tunnel down in Newport News and voila... a few more hours.  This put me in the beach house driveway just in time for dinner.

I got lucky. Debbie's one heck of a cook and I could barely focus on the beautiful view because it smelled like PF Changs in the house. She made Asian Chicken & Shrimp Lettuce Wraps for NINE of us. And it was amazing. There was a little bit of the Asian Chicken Salad filling leftover and let me tell you what she did for lunch the next day... went out and bought rice wrappers! These things looking like sheets of plastic, but when soaked in water (see demo below), they become pliable and perfect for spring rolls.

Pile your filling in the middle...
And fold it up, almost like you would a burrito. Unlike a tortilla, the rice paper adheres to itself and seals all of the yummy goodness into a cute little package.
They were so cool and refreshing after a hot morning on the beach... I just had to share! Now, back to the sun, sand and waves.

Rice paper demo after the jump....

[NOTE: You could also make with any other kinds of filling - shrimp, tofu, veggie... your call!]


K said...

Yum- what a great idea for repurposing leftovers!

Holly Keegan said...

This is my kind of food- lettuce wraps and spring rolls both! They are ridiculously easy and especially good. Bummer about the traffic though. Yuck.