Tammy v. Chicken: Round Two

Yesterday, I took a cooking class at one of DC's best restaurants - 1789 - and guess what was on the menu... Fried chicken. At least this time, I didn't have to spatchcock it!
More pics and stories coming from the morning's class, but here were the tips for making perfect fried chicken I learned from 1789 Chef Daniel Giusti:

  • He marinates the chicken overnight in egg and spices. 
  • Don't skimp on the salt in the egg bath. With just egg and flour, you'll end up with no taste.
  • They deep fry the chicken in vegetable oil at 325 degrees. 
  • When the chicken is ready, it will float to the top of the oil. This took about 12 minutes for us.
  • Don't eat the chicken directly out of the frier. It's too hot and too oily. The chicken tastes better if you allow it to sit aside, reabsorb the juices and cool down.
Chef Dan (on Twitter @1789ChefDan) and 1789 Pastry Chef Travis Olsen were fun instructors. Consider taking a class - they offer new ones each month!

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