Summer Strawberry-Nutella Toast

When I wander my weekend farmers market, I'm usually looking for my next blog challenge. Will I find some exotic vegetable and learn to cook it? Will I pick an ingredient I previously hated and find a way to prepare it so that I love it (see radishes, Brussels sproutsasparagus)? I consult with my Twitter foodies and fellow bloggers in real time for recipes, ideas and inspiration... but am I over thinking it???

Sometimes you just gotta get what you love and go with what feels right. For me, my first fruit love is strawberries. I grew up a stones throw from Plant City, FL which is arguably the best place to grow strawberries in the country. We got days off of school for the Florida Strawberry Festival. We picked strawberries in the field. We made strawberry shortcakes and strawberry milkshakes at home. You get the picture.

So for me, when strawberries come into season, I get all kinds of nostalgia and stock up in a big way. Mostly I just eat them compulsively out of the container.  This morning when I returned from my farmers market run (with two new plants - stay tuned for my "urban farming" post!) I dug into the berries... and when I spotted the Nutella out on the counter, well a marriage made in heaven came together... I give you Summer Strawberry-Nutella Toast. Simple. Fast. Delish.
Summer Strawberry-Nutella Toast
Ingredients for One Serving
2 strawberries, sliced
2 tablespoons of Nutella
2 pieces of toast (I used French Meadow Bakery Organic "Women's Bread" from Whole Foods today... apparently food marketers think women dig flax seed I guess...)

1. Toast your bread.
2. Spread Nutella generously on each slice.
3. Lay the strawberries flat on your toast.
4. Enjoy!

[NOTE: This isn't limited to strawberries. Consider using whatever fruit you have or is in season. It's also great with cherries, blueberries... you get the picture.]


Shari said...

I'm up for that and if you are out of bread and fruit you can just eat the nutella out of the jar! My favorite is nutella and saltine crackers.

Tammy Gordon said...

Brilliant. The salty sweet thing has to be amazing.