NYC: The Breslin

I'm sitting at Penn Station about to train back to DC and I have to say, I did a helluva job (thanks to all of your recommendations!) in picking great spots to eat. I have so many photos, videos and stories to share in the coming days, but we'll kick it off with my first lunch. I popped out of my conference and over to  The Breslin on the advice of @EaterNY and @DukeStJournal. As I waited for my friend, I ordered an Allagash White and an order of Boiled Peanuts. I cultivated my love of boiled peanuts at roadside stands on the way to the beach and those are good... but these were cooked with pork fat... and sea salt. Whole. 'Nother. Level.
Next up was the Bibb Lettuce with Fennel. It was so simple, fresh and crispy with a nice lemon tang.
Much of The Breslin's buzz was around the Chargrilled Lamb Burger with Feta, Cumin Mayo and Thrice Cooked Chips.  I really haven't met a menu item that involves feta that I don't love and this didn't disappoint either.
Beyond the food (if anyone cares about anything beyond the amazing food), The Breslin had fantastic bartenders - especially Jah Ru who has spent a bit of time in my hometown of Tampa and gave us great recommendations.  I also loved the decor.  One Foursquare fan described it as if a British punk rock kid redecorated his Mum's Victorian mansion. Add this one to your to-do list, stat.
Below are a few more photos of The Breslin to give you a sense of the vibe...


Olga @ MangoTomato said...

oh wow. the lamb burger and those chips look incredible. yum!

Tammy Gordon said...

It was! Inspired me to try adding a slab of feta and some red onion to my next burger concoction.