I Fight Stress with You Tube. Real Estate is No Match for Kittehs.

As some of you know, I'm house hunting for the first time.  This is a stressful time for anyone, much less someone with my terrible math skills, avoidance of any responsibility and girl-style negotiation methods (ignore/avoid conflict). I've mainly been combatting this with alcohol and You Tube. Here are a few clips that have made me laugh throughout this process...

Kitten Gets Bitchslapped 
(ok that's my title)

World's Smallest Giraffe
Be scared, Ike, very scared...
More ridiculousness after the jump...

Kitten Suckles Air
My fave line: "Kitty, you are sooooo stupid..."

And the always classic...
Surprised Kitty

And it's spinoff... Surprised Dog:

PS. I don't even really love cats. Although if I buy this condo, I'll be so broke that I can't go out, so maybe I should get a cat.

PSS. I don't think I can do a cat. But I would like a surprised dog.

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Tammy Gordon said...

OMG. A late addition: @TchotchkePup is Joe Six Pack!